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Accurate monitoring by water analyzers

BELSWAN - Water analysers

Featuring the best sensors and high-end technologies, the water analyzers in Wilrijk manufactured by BELSWAN guarantee accurate measuring and monitoring of various water applications.

Advanced technologies

Our analysis systems can be applied in the following areas:

  • Ultrapure water for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry
  • Boiler feedwater, cooling water, condensate for the power and chemical industry
  • Demineralization plants
  • Drinking water, effluent and waste water
  • Process water
  • Pool water control

Analyzers for every industry

BELSWAN in Wilrijk – in the Antwerp area – manufactures a wide range of water analysis products, such as:

  • Analyzers for pH, sodium, dissolved oxygen (ppm, ppb), chlorine, silica, phosphate
  • Analyzers for silica, hardness, alkalinity, chlorine, phosphate, hydrazine, iron
  • Analyzers for conductivity (USP23), TOC, flow, pH (Mettler Toleto-Thornton)

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