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Water and gas analyzers consultant in Wilrijk

As a supplier and consultant located in Wilrijk, BELSWAN provides gas and water analysis equipment for various industries. Furthermore, we manufacture complete analysis systems customized to your specific needs.

The right solution for every industry

As a consultant and manufacturer with years of experience in gas and water analysis devices, we guide every company towards the correct technology in order to ensure measurement accuracy, reliability and durability.

Application expertise

As a result of our broad experience and in-depth expertise in technical solutions for water and gas measuring, we provide the following services and products:

Analyzers and related products

Real-time gas and water analysis enhance safety and product quality. BELSWAN in Wilrijk offers you the right analyzer or product suited to your industry and specific needs:

  • pH and ion specific electrodes (Philips – Russel – Amagruss)
  • TOC – conductivity – pH-flow (Thornton)
  • Sodium, Dissolied oxygen, pH, chlorine (Belswan)
  • Silica, alcalanity, hardness, chlorine (Belswan)
  • Nitrate, ammonium, polyarmatic compounds, organic pollution (Data Link)
  • Automatic sampling switching units
  • pH electrodes and Lab pH and ion meters (Russell)
  • Colorimetric photometer systems (Palintest)

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Feel free to contact us any time for more information about our technologies and products. We’re happy to offer you specialized advice.

Services And Maintenance

In addition to manufacturing gas and water analyzers, our team of specialists is always ready to perform maintenance and calibration of any analyzer – even analyzers of other manufacturers. We can also adapt your equipment for a better performance and a lower cost of consumables. Contact us for more information.

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